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Do you need a HUUG?

Meet our revolutionary mesh lined bras


let your breasts Breathe

They are suffocating in the foam cups of your bra. Don’t settle for an unhygienic, subpar standard. You deserve a bra that can be washed daily, retains the integrity of its shape, and keeps you comfortable and sweat-free all day. Our patent pending mesh pads are your new BBF (Breast Best Friend)

quiet engineering

You’ve heard about quiet luxury, but what about quiet engineering? To us, it means inventing patent-pending 3D mesh pads, using the highest quality materials for our designs – buttery soft fabric that is stretchy, breathable, and quick-dry, and integrating them into bras that are built to last through daily machine washes. 

a bra that evolves with you

Here at HUUG, we’re not just bra creators; we’re mothers, daughters, friends, and bra-wearers. We’ve spent a day in your cups and created a product that will transform the way you go about your day and how you feel doing it. A bra that embraces you wherever you are and whoever you are. If you are practicing your downward dog, pregnant, running a Fortune 500 company, getting your degree, dropping your kids at school, working the night shift, or (peri)menopausal – then HUUG is for you. 

Ready for a HUUG?