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Do you need a HUUG?

Fit Guide

Years perfecting our patent-pending mesh, months crafting the ideal fit, and hours of wear testing – It's all in vain if we don't match you with the right HUUG. Explore our fit guide to discover your perfect match.

Our fit is industry standard and should be sized similarly to your favorite bra.

Determine Your Band & Cup Size

Wear an unlined bra and grab a soft measuring tape. Wrap the tape snugly around your ribcage, right beneath where your bra's lower edge rests. Keep it level and take this measurement. Add 4 inches if it's an even number or 5 inches if it's odd. This is your band size. For example, if you measure 27 inches, your band size is 32.

Calculate your cup size

Wrap the tape around the fullest part of your bust. Keep the tape level and not too tight. Take this measurement and consult the guide to determine your cup size by comparing the band and cup difference. For example, if your cup measures 36 inches and your band size is 32, your cup size is D, making you a 32D.

Finding your perfect fit

Huug bras offer the ultimate blend of fit and function. Our bras adapt to your body's movements seamlessly, making you forget you're even wearing them.


The Band: where most of the support comes from. It should be straight and level, with no riding up, and fit snugly but comfy.


Cups: should support and contain without any gaps or overflow at the neckline. No cups spilling over here.


Straps: adjust so support is provided with no digging or slipping on the shoulders. If petite, you might want to adjust a bit more for better support.


X Marks the Support: convert the straps to an X back when your wardrobe calls for it.